"Who am I? Why am I here?"

– James Stockdale

I’ll answer the latter question first.

I’m running to be the Libertarian National Committee’s Secretary to:

As to the former question, I…

  • …have been a member of the LP for over three decades.
  • …have run for the Maine legislature three times
  • …have served on the Knox County Budget Committee for over a decade, reelected twice.
    • …including two years as its chair.
  • …have been a delegate to 11 prior national conventions.
  • …have served in the Libertarian Party of Maine’s state committee as
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Chair
    • Regional Rep.
  • …am a co-owner and president of my family’s business, a manufacturing company with a dozen employees


‘Becoming Ungovernable’ is a good slogan for resistance, but it falls short for an LP that runs candidates and tries to win elections.

I prefer the slogan from the last D.C. convention, ‘The Road To Victory.’ 

I'm sentimental about it, as that 1998 convention was my first. I even still have the convention bag with that slogan on it.

It focuses more on our goals as a party, and the fact it is a journey in progress. The past two years have put that road into disrepair. We can start repaving that road here at the convention by electing a new LNC. I hope you'll make me a part of it by electing me as LNC secretary.


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